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Cruising USA is our weekly Web series where we bring you the real story behind cars. Each episode finds us interviewing a handful of regular motorists and simply asking them about the cars they drive. This lets you hear first-hand how these cars really perform—not according to sales people, but according to everyday owners.

In Episode 9, we had the good fortune of chatting with several wonderful people right here in California. Here’s what we learned.

1999 MBZ SLK 230

The first driver we spoke with was Gabriel, who was eager to tell us all about his MBK SLK 230. Gabriel says the car is comfortable and low-key; in fact, he’s owned it for 12 years and has barely had any maintenance issues at all. Gabriel’s advice to other motorists: When looking for a new vehicle, the two most important factors to consider are price point and maintenance needs.


From one Benz to another! Our second driver, Alireza, just got a Mercedes, and is overjoyed to own such a fun and fast sports car. We were told that the car gets over 350 horsepower, and that the sound of its roaring engine is really something! The interior design was also mentioned as a favorite feature.

2003 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition

Our final driver for this episode was pleased to show us all the ins and outs of the 2003 Toyota 4Runner. Among the highlights of this vehicle: Its performance and its reliability. Even after 14 years of ownership, the driver has had basically no major maintenance issues—and says the car cannot be recommended highly enough!

So there you go: A rundown of some of the vehicles we saw most recently, right here at Laguna Beach. Tune in next week for another installment of Cruising USA, and get the real story behind cars!