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Used car buyers are eager to save money, to snatch up the best deals when they see them—but sometimes, they worry that there might be a tradeoff. For instance, what about safety? Is buying a low-priced vehicle going to mean you end up with something that lacks the necessary safety features?

The answer, thankfully, is no. You can get perfectly safe vehicles for an extremely low price—in some cases, lower than $10,000, if you know what you’re looking for and if you browse at reputable used car dealerships.

Safety Trends Around the World

A recent article from New Zealand makes note of the fact that many of the most affordable used cars on the market pass government safety tests with flying colors.

“This year 115 vehicles received an excellent or good rating for occupant protection in a crash but 96 models were considered poor or very poor,” the article states.

This indicates that doing some research is obviously necessary, and that not all used cars can be trusted to provide up-to-date safety technology—but also that smart shoppers can find previously owned automobiles that will keep driver and passengers all safe.

Shopping for a Safe Used Car

So how can you make sure you do the necessary research? And how can you be confident that the car you’re looking at is indeed a safe one?

– Make sure you read online reviews for the make and model in question; automotive reviewers are usually pretty quick to point out when key safety features are present… or when they are not.
– Specifically look up government crash test ratings, which are always a good barometer for vehicle safety.
– Ask your sales representative to walk you through some of the safety technologies included on the car, and to explain how they work.
– If you have serious concerns, don’t hesitate to bring in an independent mechanic to inspect the vehicle and offer an assessment.
– Remember to only shop at dealerships that you know to be trustworthy and reputable.

On that last point, the Get My Auto team can help. We work with used car dealerships throughout Orange County and beyond, and we are always happy to connect buyers with good dealerships. We encourage you to contact our team today to learn more about the best places to shop for safe and affordable used vehicles in your area.