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Should You Consider Lowering Your Suspension?

Should You Consider Lowering Your Suspension? GetMyAuto

There are a number of aftermarket alterations you can make to your car. One of the most enduringly popular is to have the suspension lowered. Maybe this is something you’ve never considered, but the truth is that many drivers see merit in a lowered suspension.

But what is that merit, exactly? And are there any potential downsides? In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting your suspension lowered.

The Benefits of Getting Your Suspension Lowered

Put simply, lowering your suspension just means that the vehicle sits a little bit closer to the ground. There are a number of potential advantages to this, and they encompass both safety and performance.

Some specific advantages include:

  • It improves the aerodynamics of your vehicle. A lowered suspension means there is less air going under the vehicle, which in turns means less drag on the car itself.
  • It can enhance traction, too. When your car sits lower, it improves the way your tires grip the road—and that, in turn, can improve handling.
  • It diminishes the risk of a rollover. A high center of gravity makes it more likely for your car to roll over—but lowering the suspension has the opposite effect.
  • For some drivers, it makes the vehicle more comfortable. This isn’t true across the board, but many drivers say that they find it more comfortable to ride in a vehicle that’s been lowered just a little bit.

The Downsides of Getting Your Suspension Lowered

There are clearly some upsides to having your suspension lowered—but be aware that there may also be some disadvantages. Among them:

  • It raises your risk of bottoming out. When your car sits lower to the ground, it’s more likely for it to skid against the ground. In particular, speed bumps can be hazardous.
  • It causes uneven tire wear. This isn’t always true, but on some vehicles a lowered suspension can have a negative effect on the health of your tires. This is definitely something to speak with your technician about before having the suspension lowered.
  • It can cause tension with other automotive systems. You run the risk of bringing your suspension too close to your sidewalls, brake system, etc. Again, it’s something to ask your technician about.

What Should You Do About Your Suspension?

There’s no one answer here: Some drivers will reap a real benefit from lowering the suspension, and others will choose to steer clear. The best advice we can offer is to do your research and find a reputable technician who can offer you some guidance.

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