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Signs You’ve Found a Great Used Car Dealership

Signs You’ve Found a Great Used Car Dealership GetMyAuto

When you’re in the market for a used automobile, the best place to turn is to a reputable, local dealership. A dealership will offer you consumer protections, as well as a high level of service, that you won’t get if you buy from a private seller.

With that said, not all used car dealerships are created equal. Here at Get My Auto, our job is to connect buyers with trustworthy dealerships in their area. Today, we’re going to provide some of the indicators you should be looking for—signs that the dealership you’ve chosen is a good one.

How You Know You’ve Found the Right Dealership

Some of those signs include:

  • High quality of inventory. It goes without saying that not every car on the lot is going to be brand new—but hopefully, the vehicles you see all appear to be in fairly good condition. If they all look like clunkers, that’s reason enough to look elsewhere.
  • An on-site shop. A good used car dealership will have its own mechanics, on-site, to address any problems they encounter with the vehicles that come through. Ideally, those mechanics will be certified in Automotive Service Excellence. The ASE logo is always a good indicator!
  • Good warranties. A used car usually won’t have the same ironclad warranty as a brand new one—and that’s okay. But hopefully, your used car at least comes with a 30- or 60-day drivability warranty.
  • Recall policies. Is your dealership willing to sell automobiles that are subject to open recalls? If you’re not sure, ask! If your dealership is willing to sell you a car that’s been recalled due to safety concerns, what else are they willing to sell you?
  • Inspection policies. When looking at a used car, you should never feel ashamed to ask for an independent inspection from a third-party inspection. If your dealership is wary or uncooperative with this request, you should consider that to be a major red flag!
  • Customer service. When all else fails, there’s something to be said for listening to your gut. Do you like the quality of service you’re getting? Do you feel like the sales reps are really making an effort to help you? If you don’t feel comfortable at the dealership, trust your intuition and look elsewhere for your used vehicle.

Finding the Right Dealership for You

As you seek out your next used vehicle, make sure you do your homework—not just on cars, but on dealerships. Find one you can really feel confident and comfortable with.

We’d love to help you locate a good dealership to fit your needs. Learn more by reaching out to the team at Get My Auto today, and let us know you’re ready to start a used car search right here in Orange County!