The Top 5 Best Used Domestic Trucks


Pickup trucks are meant to be durable. They’re meant to be tough. They’re meant to be dependable, even in the face of a lot of use, and regular daily wear and tear. The upshot of all this is that today’s pickup trucks tend to fare extraordinarily well even after you put some miles on ‘em—which means a pickup truck can be an incredible value even when you buy a used one.

In fact, we’d say that buying used can actually enhance your used truck value, as the price tag can be considerably lower than if you bought the truck brand new. The question is, out of all the great American-made pickup trucks out there, which one offers the absolute best bang for buck?

Well, there’s no way we could narrow it down to just one, but we’ve at least come up with a list of five—the top great domestic pickups you should look for at your nearest used car dealership.

Ford F-150

This has long been not just the bestselling pickup truck in America, but the bestselling vehicle—period. That’s pretty astonishing, and obviously speaks to the quality and the satisfaction the F-150 offers. The 2017 is especially good, and one we recommend seeking out, but really any F-150 is going to come with powerful engines, a roomy cabin space, and best-in-class handling. This is simply a pickup without parallel.

GMC Sierra 1500

Another powerhouse, and another vehicle that offers just what you’d hope a pickup would offer—lots of power, lots of hauling capability, and a truly generous cabin. We are especially impressed by some of the attention to detail in the interior, especially when you get a higher trim level. We think any pickup enthusiast will be well pleased by this GMC standard-bearer.

Dodge Ram 1500

The highest compliment we can pay this truck is that it offers one of the smoothest rides we’ve ever experienced in a pickup—combined with impressive fuel economy, a luxurious interior, and plenty of other great features. Our list of the top five domestic pickup trucks simply wouldn’t be complete without the Ram 1500.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

With two powerful V8 engines and the best towing ability on the market today, the 2017 Silverado is truly the mightiest of all pickups—and the older editions of this vehicle are also worth looking into. Highly recommended!

Chevrolet Colorado

About as powerful as the other pickups on this list, but with a sleeker and more compact body, this is a great option for people who want a pickup that doesn’t feel quite so massive. We think a lot of drivers will feel right at home in the Colorado!

Find the Best Used Pickup for You

There are plenty of great domestic pickup trucks to choose from—and many can be found for affordable prices at local used car dealerships. The question is, which used pickup truck is right for you? Find out by going to drive some today!

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