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Toyota is Shaking Things Up with the Camry

Toyota is Shaking Things Up with the Camry GetMyAuto

The Toyota Camry has long been one of America’s top-selling vehicles—and a big part of its popularity stems from the fact that, with the Camry, there’s never much surprise about what you’re going to get. It’s reliable, steadfast, and predictable.

Or is it?

According to Auto News, the 2018 edition of the Toyota Camry may throw some buyers for a loop.

“When Toyota engineers and designers started work on the eighth-generation Camry, they were asked to create two distinct versions that would help broaden its reach and solidify its position as America’s best-selling car,” the article states.

Not only that, but Toyota’s designers were asked to ensure that the regular L-badge Camry would be easily distinguishable from the S-badge “sport” model, even from 200 yards away—meaning the two new versions of the Camry are pretty wildly divergent from one another.

Why Mess with a Good Thing?

Of course, some consumers will wonder why Toyota messed with the Camry at all. After all, we all know the old saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yet in recent years, the sedan market has stagnated, even as cars, crossovers, and SUVs have surged. The Camry remains at the top of its heap, but it’s a heap that gets a little smaller all the time.

“Toyota has a lot riding on the bet,” says Auto News. “Midsize sedans are a cutthroat segment, and each redesigned model manages to stand out only until the next one comes along.”

The bottom line? Toyota hopes that it can restore some sizzle to the sedan niche—but will the new Camrys be sufficiently exciting?

Inside the New Camry

There is reason to suggest that the answer will be yes.

“For Toyota, the overhaul of the Camry has transformed a ‘vanilla’ sedan into a small ice cream cart of flavors that run the gamut from a miserly hybrid to a sporty sedan with a blacked-out roof, red-leather interior and a 306-hp V-6 with quad-tipped exhaust,” Auto News reports.

The Toyota design team has stressed the fact that the 2018 Camry is really several different cars, just depending on which model and trim level you opt for. The focus on “different flavors” has been at the forefront of the new Camry marketing blitz.

More Choices for Car Buyers

Whether or not things work out for the sedan sector, there’s no doubt that this is good news for buyers—if only because it means there are more options than ever before, and more possibilities to get exactly the car you want.

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