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What to Bring to the Used Car Dealership

What to Bring to the Used Car Dealership GetMyAuto

Ready to shop for a used car? Don’t show up at the dealership empty-handed. There are a few things you should always bring with you to ensure a smart purchase and an expedient transaction. Here’s our checklist; as always, if you have any additional questions, you’re invited to reach out to Get My Auto directly!

What to Bring When You Visit the Dealership

A list of makes and models to consider

Before you arrive at any dealership, it’s important to do a little online research. Use Google to explore a few makes and models that you think would be good for you and your family. Narrow it down to a list of three to five cars you’d like to view and test drive at the dealership.

KBB information

Additionally, make sure you use a resource like Kelley Blue Book to determine roughly how much each make and model should cost; it’s always smart to have some approximate prices in mind as you begin shopping.

A budget

You don’t necessarily want to disclose this to the sales rep, but it’s certainly wise to have a basic sense of how much car you can actually afford!

Financing options

There may be some really good financing options available at the dealership itself, and by all means you should explore them! With that said, it’s also prudent to comparison-shop, checking auto loan rates at a couple of local banks or credit unions. Always know what the options are.

Your trade-in

Assuming you have an old vehicle that you’d like to trade in for credit toward your next one, make sure you bring it in; before you arrive at the dealership, give your trade-in a thorough cleaning, inside and out, and be sure that all of the routine service and maintenance needs have been met. This helps to ensure that you get the maximum trade-in value.

Your trade-in paperwork

If you’re planning a trade-in, you’ll also want to make sure you bring all the paperwork, including maintenance records, title/registration, etc.

Other drivers

Will you be sharing your new vehicle with a spouse or partner? If so, you definitely want to bring them along to make sure you’re all on the same page about the purchase!


Finally, make sure you schedule your car buying trip for a day when you can spend a little bit of time appraising different vehicles and taking them out for test drives. It’s a big decision, and definitely not something you want to rush!

Ready to Shop for Your Next Used Vehicle?

There are a number of things to bring with you when you show up at a used car lot; doing so will position you for the smoothest transaction possible.

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