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Used Car Buying Secrets- Get My auto

More Used Car Buying Secrets

As a consumer, you always want to feel confident—confident in your ability to find the product you want, determine a fair price, and buy without reservation. When it comes to purchasing used vehicles, though, feeling that level of confidence can be difficult. Simply put, your used car...

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When is a Good Time to Buy a Used Car- Get My Auto

When is a Good Time to Buy a Used Car?

In most facets of life, timing matters—and that’s certainly true when it comes to purchasing a used car. You are free to buy any time you like, of course, but if you really want to ensure the best deal, it is helpful to visit the used car dealership at a certain time of the month, and...

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Is Amazon Getting Into Auto Sales- Get My Auto

Is Amazon Getting Into Auto Sales?

Is there anything you can’t buy on It may not seem like it, but yes, Amazon does have its limits. Though you can now buy groceries from the site, you can’t yet buy vehicles. Even so, Amazon is taking some tentative steps into the vehicle sales game, all through the...

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Have You Seen the New Toyota 86?- Get My Auto

Have You Seen the New Toyota 86?

It wasn’t so long ago that Toyota announced plans to eliminate its Scion brand—and with it, the FR-S, long the closest thing Toyota had to a true sports car presence. Never fear, however, because Toyota’s involvement in the sports car field lives on in the form of a new vehicle. It’s...

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Protect Against Used Car Scams- Get My Auto

Protect Against Used Car Scams

Purchasing a used car is generally a safe and sensible way to obtain a reliable vehicle for a good cost. As with any major purchase, though, discernment is needed. Used car scams are not the norm, but they do exist, and they are common enough that we urge diligence on the part of every...

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