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Can You Negotiate a Used Car Price- Get My Auto

Can You Negotiate a Used Car Price?

When shopping for used cars, consumers often wonder if the sticker price is set in stone—or if there is room for them to haggle with the dealer. Of course, some consumers don’t want to go back and forth in a negotiation, finding it to be stressful, and that’s well within your rights. If...

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California-Lemon-Law-How-to-File-Get My Auto

California Lemon Law: How to File

Cars are getting better all the time. Today’s vehicles are designed and manufactured to perform optimally over a long period of time. Even so, not every single vehicle is a winner, and sometimes they do have problems. A car that has chronic problems is often called a lemon, and ending up...

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Check Out These Five High-Tech Trucks-Get My Auto

Check Out These Five High-Tech Trucks

Pickup trucks are known for many things—their hauling and towing capabilities, their ruggedness, their durability. They aren’t necessarily known for their high-tech components—but maybe they should be. As it turns out, there are a number of trucks on the market today that come with plenty...

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Smaller Used Cars Offer the Best Value-Get My Auto

Smaller Used Cars Offer the Best Value

For consumers looking to buy a new vehicle, buying from a used car dealership is the best way to get a good value. Used cars are affordable and generally reliable; what’s more, there is really no make or model that you cannot find used, outside of a few truly rare collector’s items...

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