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5 Crazy Pickup Trucks You Didn’t Know Existed- Get My Auto

5 Crazy Pickup Trucks You Didn’t Know Existed

Pickup trucks are defined first and foremost by their functionality. Pickup owners need vehicles with power, with hauling ability, and with plenty of storage room in the back. The basic template for a good, functional pickup truck has been well established, and most pickups adhere to that...

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The Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers- Get My Auto

The Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers

Having a new driver in the home can be something of a mixed blessing. It’s certainly freeing when your teenager can drive to school without you, and perhaps even help out in carting little brother or little sister around. Then again, it’s understandably nerve-racking to have a young son...

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In Some States, Used Car Sales are Surpassing New Ones- Get My Auto

In Some States, Used Car Sales are Surpassing New Ones

New vehicle sales have generally been doing pretty well over the last couple of years—but recently, they’ve started to flatline. As new car sales stall, used vehicle sales are accelerating. In fact, some states have already seen used car sales drive right past new ones. Trends in Colorado...

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Mercedes Getting into the Pickup Game- Get My Auto

Mercedes Getting into the Pickup Game

Mercedes-Benz has long been one of the most reputable auto brands in the world, and its portfolio is chock full of beloved designs. There’s always been one gap in that portfolio, though—the pickup truck, totally absent from the Mercedes-Benz line. But that’s all about to change. The auto...

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2016 to 2017 CarSales

Used Car Sales May Hit All-Time High in 2016

The used car market is not new. For about as long as cars have been in existence, people have been looking to obtain them for an affordable price—and more often than not, that means purchasing them pre-owned. Even so, the used car market may only now be hitting its stride, in the waning...

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