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When Do Used Cars Drop in Price?

As with anything that’s for sale, the price of a used car can fluctuate. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle—even if the mileage on it is extremely minimal—it’s not going to offer quite the same value as when it was brand new, parked on the showroom floor. Likewise, the used vehicle you’ve...

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What Used Cars Last the Longest?

A vehicle is meant to be a long-term investment. Most of us simply can’t afford to buy a new car every year, and even if we could, we may not want the inconvenience. What most motorists want is a car that will prove reliable—holding up through a lot of years, a lot of miles, and a lot of...

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Top 5 Used Car Buying Secrets

Buying a used car can help you save money—unless, of course, the car proves to be in disrepair, needing a lot of TLC just to make it safe and functional. Here are five used car shopping secrets to help you steer clear of bad investments. Used Car Shopping Secret #1 You should always...

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RAM1500 Truck

What are the Hottest Trucks of 2016 (So Far)?

Though it may be hard to believe, 2016 is almost halfway over now, and as such some preliminary data has started to emerge about some of the year’s big trends. For example, we know what the most searched-for, most researched vehicles were in the first half of the year. The information is...

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