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Tesla Used Cars

Is This a Good Time to Buy a Used Tesla?

Fuel efficient, sporty, futuristic in its design and wide in its appeal, the Tesla has become one of the most desired, most dreamed-about cars in the world. Of course, it comes with an appropriately sizable price tag, at least if you buy it brand new, which is why many motorists seek to...

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How to Buy a Car When You Have Bad Credit

Bad credit can sneak up on you. You miss a bill payment or two. You unintentionally overextend yourself on your credit card. You bite off a bit more than you can chew with your home mortgage loan. Regardless of the reason why, bad credit can seem awfully limiting. You may think, for...

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Hyundai Unveils New Genesis Luxury Brand

Are you familiar with the Genesis auto brand? Genesis may not be a name you’re familiar with, but you probably are familiar with Hyundai, an auto maker that has grown increasingly popular among American motorists in recent years. Something that may surprise you is that Genesis effectively...

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