Get My Auto Blog: Best tips for buying a used car

What are the Best Used Sports Cars?

Many of us dream of one day owning a sports car. They’re fast, they’re fun, they’re stylish, they’re youthful—getting behind the wheel of a sports car is the surest way of reconnecting with the pleasure of driving. There is one glaring problem with sports cars, though, which is simply...

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Pokemon Go a No-Go Behind the Wheel

Pokemon Go has only been available to the masses for a matter of days now, yet already it’s become a genuine, international phenomenon. It has drawn acclaim from gamers and become a staple in late-night monologues, Facebook memes, and beyond. Indeed, it seems like Pokemon Go is popping up...

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Buying a Used Luxury Car

Many motorists would love nothing more than to own and operate a true luxury car—something sporty, plush, and loaded with amenities. The problem with luxury cars, of course, is that they are a little more expensive than standard family cars and sedans, which puts them outside the price...

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Audi Used Car

Are Used Cars More Expensive in California?

Buying a new vehicle is always a major decision, and a big investment. Consumers can and should do anything possible to ensure that they are getting a good value—and one way to do that is to forgo the used car lot and to instead purchase a pre-owned vehicle. Buying used cars is nothing...

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