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10 Best Used Cars Under $10,000

You probably know this old saying: You get what you pay for. In many areas of life, that’s certainly true—but is it true when it comes to used cars and trucks? Not necessarily. Experts agree that a vehicle loses as much as half its value within a year or two of ownership, which means you...

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How to Buy a Used Car

    While buying a used car can often be a great way to acquire a fine car for a fair price, it’s important to remember that not all used vehicles are created equal. Some have simply been better maintained than others. Some may be in prime driving condition, but a few may have...

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What are the Best Used Family Cars?

Buying a new automobile is always a significant expense—and when you have a family, that level of expense can take its toll. It can be difficult enough making sure there’s food on every plate, clothes on every back, and shoes on every pair of feet; throw a vehicle purchase into the mix...

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