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Your Guide to Buying a Used Car

Across the country, in pre-owned vehicle lots and new car dealerships alike, there are plenty of used cars for sale. Some of these used car options represent tremendous value; others may be more trouble than they’re worth. Regardless, shopping for used car values is a good way to maximize your bang for buck. Assuming you pick the right used vehicle, you can get a car with lots of life left in it while still receiving a significant discount over the sticker price. The rub, of course, is making sure you do pick the right vehicle—that you select a reliable vehicle, that you inspect it thoroughly, and that you purchase it from the right place. We hope this site will provide plenty of helpful information as you search for the best used cars in your neighborhood.

Information About Your Used Car Search

One of the first things you will need to decide, on your own used car search, is what kind of vehicle you’d like to own. Note that cheap used cars are not always the best used cars. You ultimately want something that will keep running even after it accumulates a lot of miles. On this site, we’ll offer plenty of specifics about particular vehicle types, from used Audis to used Mazdas, from used Porsches to used Toyotas. We recommend you do further homework by reading consumer reviews and reports, which are easy enough to find with a simple Google search. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll want to take a vehicle for a test drive before purchasing it, and also inspect it thoroughly—under the hood, and both inside and outside.

Should You Buy from Used Car Dealerships?

Something else you’ll need to decide is where you are purchasing your vehicle from. There are plenty of options here, including purchasing from a private seller, as facilitated through a site like Craigslist. We would offer a gentle caution against this: When you buy from a private seller, it is very difficult to determine whether the person you’re buying from is really trustworthy, and you have fewer consumer protections to fall back on. A safer option, and what we ultimately recommend, is to seek out a used car lot. Searching for used car dealerships near me is one way to find some good ones; or, you can reach out to us at getmyauto.com.

Paying for Your Used Car

Once you find used car dealerships near you, you’ll need to consider just one more thing, and that’s financing. Before you head down to the lot, it’s best to have a good sense of how much you can actually afford to spend. Financing options are fairly plentiful, and you can find some good loans from banks, credit unions, and even dealerships themselves. We recommend comparing different rates from various lenders to make sure you’re getting the best used car value. With any further questions about the used car search, explore this page, or visit us at getmyauto.com.