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BMW Used Cars

Your Buying Guide for Used BMW Cars & SUVs

As most car enthusiasts already know, BMW represents one of the most esteemed manufacturers operating in the world today. This German-based company has long been known as a top contender for luxury cars and SUVs. Owners hang onto these cars for decades in some cases, and this longevity showcases the enduring quality BMW used models can bring you. When it comes time to buy, your best bet is to complete a thorough assessment of whichever specific car you’re considering. All of this knowledge will help you determine the fairest possible price.

Are you looking to buy a used BMW? Check out this buying guide below to better understand the basics on how to find the right used BMW for sale. This knowledge will help you to make a much more informed decision – and hopefully find the car you want at a price you will be happy about.

Find the Best Deal on a Luxury Used BMW for Sale

A wonderful entry level choice in the luxury car market, the 3 Series can provide an excellent used BMW choice for buyers. This top-selling line brings together all the best in style, performance, and some of the smoothest handling available in any car on the market today. This series enjoys a broad range of model types which means that you will find a car that suits your specific tastes. One of the greatest strengths of the 3 Series is its enduring quality over the years. When you find a used BMW for sale, you can expect extremely high quality from a 2-3 year old model all the way to a 10 or 15+ year old model. For those searching for a convertible or coupe, please note that these options are now classified under the BMW 4 series. However, you can buy these models as part of the older 3 Series alongside sedans, coupes, and wagons.

Get Sporty with an Amazing Line of BMW Used Cars

The M3 has remained a consistently strong seller across the U.S. market. This compact, sporty coupe offers the impressive performance of a sports car alongside the silky smooth handling BMW is known for in their cars. As always, these models come well-equipped with all the luxury amenities that distinguish the BMW brand. With the right negotiations in place, you may be able to find an excellent used BMW M3 at a price point that will not break the bank.

Space, Style & Luxury with a BMW Used SUV

If you’re looking for a larger SUV-style offering, buying a used BMW X6 will answer that call. Similar to the older X5, this model features a stunning aesthetic unlike any other midsize crossover. While there is not as much storage space as comparable models, the X6 makes up for it with BMW’s signature handling and high-octane performance. Expect a lot of power out of these SUVs with a range of 300 hp to 400 hp engines in an eight speed automatic transmission. With years spanning back to 2008, you can certainly find an X6 that fits the bill for you.