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Fiat Used Cars

How to Shop for the Right Used Fiat

As you have probably noticed, Fiats have begun to vastly increase in their popularity and availability throughout the United States in recent years. That’s because the venerated brand has made a strong push to return to the American market after being away from it since 1984. Fiat’s latest line of autos includes a whole new generation of smaller cars that are designed to maximize gas mileage and remain affordable in their price points. From a used car perspective, that means you can likely find an excellent deal on a used Fiat 500 or other popular model.

If you’re on the hunt for a used Fiat for sale, read on to learn all the best methods to shop for this increasingly popular brand. You’ll learn what to look for to find a choice that fits your needs. And all of this will help you find a used car you’ll absolutely love.

Getting the Best Deals on Used Fiats

If you’re just getting started learning about this brand, you’ve probably already seen several used Fiat 500 models for sale. The 500 line stays true to Fiat’s history by offering a range of vehicles that are smaller-form, zippy, and quite nimble in their handling. The company has extended the 500s to include a variety of models and car types. Accordingly, your first buying experience with this manufacturer will likely be a used Fiat 500 of some type. You can find 500s that include everything from a roomy hatchback with the Abarth to a sportier convertible with an available turbocharged 1.4 liter engine. All of the 500s maintain a quirky, retro aesthetic that’s sure to excite car owners both young and old. Even better, the affordable cost means that you’ll find a used Fiat 500 for sale with a highly reasonable price tag.

Where to Find the Best Used Fiats for Sale

Fiat’s return to the American car market is relatively recent with model years beginning again in 2012. As a result, you won’t find too many used Fiats out in the wild that have been run down over years of misuse or neglect. Initial reviews indicate lots of strength in this brand in terms of their staying power, versatility, and reliability. However, the verdict is still out as to long-term reliability because of the relative newer presence of these cars on the market. To find the best deals on a used Fiat 500 or used Fiat 500l, you may want to start looking at the dealers. As dealers cycle their old cars off the lot, they’re willing to reduce prices considerably. This means that you could find a used model at an impressively low price if you search long enough.

Making Sure You Get the Best Used Fiat for Sale

As always, you’ll want to do your homework when you first start considering your options with these cars. Complete a CarFax records check to verify a car’s background. You may also want to have an inspection completed by your own personal mechanic for an objective assessment of the car. Please note that many used Fiat models are only available as a 5 speed manual transmission. If you’re unfamiliar with this driving style, you’ll definitely need to know this prior to buying. Otherwise, here’s to finding your next great car with Fiat.