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Buying a Used Honda: A Guide to Buying Honda Used Cars

Are you looking at used Hondas—either for your new family car or perhaps just for your own personal vehicle? If so, the first thing you should know is that you are not alone. Used Honda cars are actually among the most widely recommended of any pre-owned vehicles. Only Toyota can even compare.

Why are certified used Honda vehicles in such high demand, though—and what do you need to know before buying yours? Hopefully we can answer both of those questions in the brief paragraphs that follow.

The Benefits of Used Hondas for Sale

First, the question of why used Honda cars are so popular, and so widely recommended. There are various factors to consider here. The first is that Hondas are extremely reliable cars; their craftsmanship and overall dependability regularly earn raves from publications such as Consumer Reports and J.D. Powers. Because these vehicles are so well made, a certified used Honda will likely have plenty of life remaining, even if it’s got more than 100,000 miles on it when you get it from the used Honda dealership. Hondas are not merely reliable, though; they are also sporty, practical, and aesthetically pleasing vehicles that come with a lot of variety. There is a Honda to meet every need—a used Honda Civic, a used Honda Accord, a used Honda CRV, a used Honda Pilot, a used Honda Odyssey, a used Honda Fit, and the list goes on!

Before Visiting the Used Honda Dealership

Before you seek out your certified used Honda, though, it’s best to prepare yourself for the purchase process; buying a pre-owned vehicle can be a bit different from buying a brand new one. One thing you can do is look at particular vehicles online—researching the vehicle history, for example—or at the very least research some specific models to ensure you know what you are looking for. Being clear on your budget—knowing exactly how much car you can afford—is also important. Ideally, you can arrive with a list of three or four used vehicles that you want to see, so you won’t get disappointed if one doesn’t quite work out. Don’t hesitate to ask your used Honda salesman to see the full vehicle history, if you’re not able to find it in advance. And by all means, look under the hood and also take the car for a test drive. Though Hondas are notoriously reliable, it never hurts to double check.

Deciding on Your Certified Used Honda

The most difficult part of the process may be figuring out which used Honda you really want. A Honda CRV, used even pretty heavily, can still offer a lot of power, dependability, and functionality. This is a good all-around car, great for families or for individual use. The Honda Civic, used or otherwise, is a perfect little sedan, and there are even some sleek hybrid versions available. No matter which one you choose, we hope you will be happy with your used Honda!