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Lincoln Used Cars

Your Guide to Buying a Used Lincoln

If you want to get a good car for a great price, the way to go is to buy used. Given how well-manufactured most of today’s automobiles are, the average car can go for 50,000, 75,000, even 100,000 miles or more and still have plenty of life left in it. A used car can be perfectly dependable, then, while also offering a sharp discount from the initial manufacturer’s sticker price. Certainly, Lincoln used cars are known for sustaining their quality over the long haul. If that’s the kind of vehicle you’re looking for, we recommend you consult this quick guide, or contact us directly at getmyauto.com for any further questions.

Why Buy Lincoln Used Cars?

There is much to be said for the Lincoln family of vehicles. For one thing, it’s diverse. You have plenty of options for a used Lincoln SUV or sedan, including the used Lincoln Navigator, the used Lincoln MKX, and down the line. There is a Lincoln to suit every taste and every need. It’s not just that Lincolns are eclectic, however. Lincolns also have a reputation for excellence. Though it is actually a division of Ford, Lincoln distinguishes itself by loading its vehicles with powerful engines, unique aesthetic features, and plenty of amenities. Lincolns can be surprisingly luxurious, in other words—and when you buy one used, you can get it for a truly reasonable price.

Tips for Buying a Lincoln SUV Used

Before you head to the dealership or go online to buy a used Lincoln, however, you will want to take a few precautions. First, consider your budget: How much can you afford to spend each month in auto payments, insurance, fuel, and general car upkeep? How much car can you really take on? And what financing options are available to you? After settling on this, start researching some specific cars. When you find one you’re interested in, get a full vehicle history from Carfax. If you have trouble locating this report, ask the sales representative to furnish it for you. Make sure you take the car for a spin and that you enjoy the way it feels before you put down any money on it. Also inspect it thoroughly, looking under the hood and inside. Kick the tires if you like, and make sure it’s got plenty of oil in it. Also remember that you may have a little leeway to negotiate on the price of a used Lincoln, though never more than 10 to 15 percent of the sticker price.

Where Can You Find a Used Lincoln?

There are plenty of places you can find a used Lincoln. Start your search online, but also make a call to the local Lincoln dealership to ask about their used inventory. You might also head to some local used car dealerships. Remember to do your research and figure out your financing in advance. If you have any additional questions about buying a used Lincoln, you can reach us directly at www.getmyauto.com.