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Suzuki Used Cars

Your Used Suzuki Buying Guide

If you’re on the hunt for a dependable and affordable used car, Suzuki provides a wide range of excellent vehicular choices. The Japanese automaker had remained a highly popular choice in the United States for decades until its eventual cessation of manufacturing in 2012. Their automobiles focus on delivering worthwhile performance at a great value. While operations may have stopped for U.S.-based used Suzuki car production, there are still plenty of used models available to buy. In many cases, Suzuki still honors warranties that were put in place when a car was first purchased. And many dealers and mechanics are perfectly happy to provide parts and service to these vehicles.

With this type of situation in mind, you can potentially find an excellent deal on any of the popular models of Suzuki cars and SUVs. Use this guide to help you determine which choice will be best for your needs – and how to get a great price on your next used car.

Suzuki Used Vehicles: Performance & Value for You

For a highly affordable compact ride, a used Suzuki Forenza is a value-aligned car perfect for no-frills dependability. This vehicle competes in classes with cars such as the Civic and the Corolla. However, the Forenza brings a similar level of dependability without the higher price point typical with the Honda and Toyota namesakes. The 2004-2008 lifespan means you won’t have as many options to choose from compared with other cars. But the right search could help you find an outstanding price on a car that you can depend on for years to come. Other available cars include a used Suzuki SX4 which comes both in Sedan and Hatchback varieties with multiple features and amenities.

Used Suzuki SUVs Bring Something for Everyone

One of the more popular options within this brand, used Suzuki SUVs remain an in-demand choice for drivers of all shapes and sizes. The Grand Vitara was a top contender in the compact SUV category during its 15 year run. The SUV provided a fusion of on-road comfort alongside offroad capabilities. Earlier models up to 2005 came equipped with a more truck-like chassis as well as a powerful V6 engine and four-wheel drive. The second generation streamlined the chassis to provide a more car-like riding experience that many drivers prefer. Even just the standard features in a used Suzuki Grand Vitara are better than other vehicles in this class which makes it a cut above in many key areas. If you’re looking for something a little bit larger, a used Suzuki XL7 gives a roomy seven passenger seating layout with great handling and a powerful Suzuki V6 under the hood. Remember to choose XL7 models after 2007 as these provided much roomier interiors for your entire family to ride comfortably.

The Best Deals on Used Suzuki SUVs for Sale

Remember that because Suzuki was discontinued in the U.S. in 2012, you may have some trouble finding effective repair or affordable replacement parts. Fortunately, the enduring popularity of these autos alongside the relatively recent closing of manufacturing should allow you to have no problems on maintenance for several years to come. For the most part, a little bit of time and effort will help you find a great deal on a beautiful and dependable used Suzuki car, truck, or SUV.