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Volvo Used Cars

How to Find the Best Used Volvos

The Swedish-based Volvo has been a force within the auto industry since 1927. Literally translating to “I Roll” in Latin, Volvo cars have been embraced by U.S. auto owners who demand higher quality rides that reflect this luxury style. Unlike a BMW or Audi, however, Volvo brings a much greater emphasis toward safety. Their ongoing research for safer cars means that you’ll get a car that’s much better-equipped to protect you and your family. But you can also enjoy turbocharged engines, stylish interiors/exteriors, and designs that endure over the years.

Are you on the hunt for your own used Volvo? Have a look below to learn about some of the most popular options and what they’re all about. You can then use this information to make a much more informed choice for your own auto-buying experience.

Getting the Most Out of Your Volvo Used Cars

If you’re looking to get more from your used Volvo, why not start at one of the most popular models with a used Volvo S60? As an entry-level luxury sedan, newcomers to this sector can enjoy all sorts of amenities. While this market sector is highly competitive, the S60 holds its own with a unique aesthetic, comfortably stylish ride, and all sorts of power under the hood. The latest generation released for 2015 and beyond amps it up even more with additional features and an even more efficient engine.

Identifying Quality Used Volvos for Sale

If you’re looking for something a little more than the S60, a used Volvo S80 sedan is a high luxury, medium-sized choice. While the S80 may not have industry leading performance or ultra cushy amenities, the safety features this model offers are some of the best available on any car. This includes integrated interior technology with both front and all-wheel drive-equipped options. This higher-end auto choice may not be like other mainstream brands such as BMW. However, what you’ll get here is a comfortably seated, highly safe ride that still brings you the luxury you’d expect.

Understanding Used Volvo SUVs

For higher-end SUVs, Volvo also brings you several autos that will fit the bill based on your expectations. A used Volvo XC60 is a crossover SUV with lots of utility space alongside much more car-like handling. With seating for up to five, this model brings you all the cutting edge safety features to help you keep your family safe and protected. Opting for a larger used Volvo XC90 brings you three rows of seating – and all the room you could ask for in an SUV of this class. Safety is also at the top of the priority list for this model with a technologically integrated package to keep your mind at ease on the road. And as you probably expected, all of these SUVs are equipped with all sorts of luxury features and wonderfully-furnished interiors. Finding the right year and model will help you narrow down your specific choices. You can then do a bit of market research to determine a fair price to get a Volvo used car – at a much more affordable price point.